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Company/Founder Fit
by Ashley Baxter — 5 min read

Company/Founder Fit

I first heard this term on Justin Jackson’s blog. I’m not 100% sure if I’ve understood it correctly, but my interpretation is that company/founder fit is ensuring the business you build fits the kind of life you want to live.

2018: Year In Review

2018: Year In Review

Ashley Baxter — 7 min read

Two things stand out to me about 2018: the progress I’ve made on With Jack and the trips I’ve taken. Although the first 6 months were fairly uneventful, it ended up being a great year for business and travel.

How To Start Scrappy In A Regulated Industry

Ashley Baxter — 6 min read

Insurance is one of the least start-up friendly industries in the world. It’s a regulated industry, so you can’t just have an idea, buy a domain and start making money. You’ll need to be licensed to sell insurance, and that takes between 6-12 months and costs thousands of pounds.

Post-Launch Problems Revisited

Ashley Baxter — 5 min read

Two years ago I wrote about the problems I was facing post-launch. I thought it’d be interesting to revisit this article and see how I’ve solved those problems or if they still exist.

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